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Why you need to prepare your ice cream business before Summer

]Starting an ice cream business is not an easy feat by any means. From the location to the color of napkins, there are so many things that you need to consider before getting started. However, there is one thing that perhaps can lay the foundation for your ice cream business’ success; you need to pick the right season to launch your ice cream shop or café.

So which season is the right one? My answer has always been Spring.


Why is it important to consider the spring season for your launch?

You can spend tons of money on setting up your ice cream business – it could be a café, a cart or a parlor – but if you are unable to make sales then all that money spent could be for nothing. To make sales you need to be in full swing when the summer comes.

Summer is the busiest season for the ice cream industry, which is why your business should be up and running in full form before you hit the season. When you start your setup in spring it gives you enough time to iron out all the problems that a new ice cream business can face. You can analyze your strengths and weaknesses before the ice cream season (Summer) hits because when it does, it should a smooth sailing for you and your business.

Here are three reasons why summer is the perfect season for a new ice cream business.


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1. Summer IS THE SEASON for ice cream

Ice cream is synonymous with summers; it is everyone’s favorite treat to have on a hot sunny day. Whereas in winters, most of the children are not allowed to have ice cream as regularly as they do in summer; even the adults prefer hot beverages or soups to a scoop or two of their favorite ice cream flavor. This automatically pushes your sales figures back.


2. Pre-Summer preparation could give you off-season discounts on equipment

One of the biggest concerns for anyone setting up an ice cream business is the cost of equipment and machinery but what if you could get discounts on your purchases! Preparing for a summer launch can allow you to shop during the holiday season, which could give you some great discounts on your purchases; from your furniture to the machinery, you could get a price reduction on everything.

You can visit authentic online commercial ice cream machine vendors such as  Roll Ice Cream to look for great holiday season discounts and free shipping.


3. Summer makes it harder to transport frozen elements

It is quite common for restaurants and ice cream shops to order special ingredients or other frozen items from other cities. If you are setting up for a winter launch then all of this transportation will have to be done during the summer, which is not an ideal season for frozen foods. However, it is relatively easier to transport frozen items during the winter season so they can be fresh and available for the busy summer.

These were some of the main factors that make spring a good season for launching. Remember, the aim here is to be fully operational when the ice cream season comes because frequent shutdowns for maintenance or any other season induced delays can cost more sales than a new business can afford.

If you do not have a business as yet you can go here to see how to start your Ice Cream Business and best of luck for a great summer!

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