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Where To Find Your Next Ice Cream

Whether you have current preferences or are seeking new ice cream products to try, there are many places where you can find ice cream. Some of these places focus mainly on the basics, while others cater to specific tastes.


If your preferences tend toward the basic, you can find a wide range of ice cream products in your local grocery store.

While the ice creams you will find there can be considered uncomplicated, that does not mean you will not have an extensive variety from which to choose. In most larger grocery chains you can find a huge selection of ice cream in various sized containers, including not only a large variety of flavors but also offering a variety of fat content, sugar content, and calcium-fortified styles.

Most of these stores carry the most basic brands from their own stores to the nationally-popular brands. You can also find ice cream novelties, ranging from ice cream bars to ice cream sandwiches to small ice cream cups which come with their own spoons.


Ice cream specialty shops are another possibility. In some locations these are in the form of old-fashioned family-owned ice cream parlors, and some locations still have similar shops as part of their drugstores and department stores.

More widespread in the United States these days are the ice cream chain stores. Dairy Queen, Baskin-Robbins 31-Flavors, and Carvel are three of the most popular. Offering a nice selection of flavors in ice cream cones, these chain stores also sell ice cream novelties, ice cream pies, and custom-made ice cream cakes decorated for special occasions.

Dairy Queen’s specialty is soft-serve; Baskin-Robbins sells the standard hard-scoop style of ice cream. If you love ice cream, and you love good ice cream, every trip to one of these ice cream shops will leave you satisfied and happy.


When you think of Starbucks, you might naturally think of coffee. But Starbucks also sells its own brand of ice cream. Starbucks Seventh Heaven ice cream now comes in five regular flavors– Java Chip, Mud Pie, Coffee Almond Fudge, Caramel Cappuchino Swirl, and, of course, Classic Coffee ice cream; as well as the no sugar added Coffee Fudge Brownie and Low Fat Latte.

The next time you visit your local Starbucks for a cup of coffee, try one of their new Starbucks ice cream flavors.

If you have a distinct preference in which ice cream you want but cannot find it in your local grocery store or hometown ice cream shops, some of the most well-known ice cream manufacturers will assist you in ordering your ice cream directly from their companies.



You can have your ice cream favorites delivered directly to your home! One of the most popular ice cream companies, Ben and Jerry’s, will ship an order of six pints of your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice creams, currently priced at $54.95, which includes the cost of shipping.

Moxley’s Ice Cream, of Baltimore, Maryland, is another company which will supply your ice cream by mail order. Moxley’s, which only has its stores on the East Coast, is available to ice cream fans regardless of location by way of mail order.

You can choose any of their thirteen basic flavors, and they will ship the pints of ice cream to you. Pierre’s Ice Cream, based in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Ice Cream of America company, which is located in Hickory, North Carolina, also offer mail ordering and delivery of their ice cream products.

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