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How to guide: 6 ways to help your local Ice Cream store rebuild their business after the pandemic

The Ice Cream shop is a token of normalcy in these uncertain times. These stores tend to have a lot of history in the communities they are in. Most are quite altruistic giving back when it is needed. We are still in the clutches in a pandemic


Now as part of your community It is quite commendable to want to assist and give back to them as well. Some ways you can do it is by;



Go in and make a purchase


This starts with you. Walk in and show some solidarity. Remind them they have not lost you.



Sign up for their subscription service  


By now most stores have implemented a subscription model. Where at a particular frequency you receive their yummy goodness. If they don’t have one educate them about it.



Share on social media 


You share everything else, why not this? Share some of their images and posts on social media. Your personal page and or status



Just pull up a chair at their location 


Get out of the house. I’m sure they have great wifi and just admit it…. Ice cream stores smell fantastic. Nothing beats that fresh waffle cone smell. This works as both moral support and simple psychology to encourage others.



Encourage friends to buy


If they have never bought don’t be afraid to brag and boast about your local guy to your friends.



Rate/review them online 


Leave them a review. take to Yelp, Fb and other platforms and let the persons searching know what gem is located in your community.



Ice Cream And Children


In addition to the above you could also talk to the owner about;


Joining local clubs. Like the rotary club, lions club chamber of commerce, etc for exposure and opportunities


Offering discounts or redemption codes for purchases.


The ultimate support maybe purchasing piece of equipment from us for them 🙂 We don’t know your pocket but it would definitely be welcomed. Don’t worry we have items as low as $150 that would add value.


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