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Professional Rolled Ice Cream Training and Support

Get a head start with our Professional Rolled Ice Cream Training and Support

The objective of Roll Ice Cream LLC is to get you closer to success without the hassle. Doesn't that sound nice? Now you don't have to rely solely on yourself and random information on the internet. You have the information collected and collated in one nice neat location….. here 😊

We have a wide variety of educational/training options both free and paid to get you started.

Free Training Resources

Free: Online video tutorials, recipes, 24/7 chat, free phone consultations, phone and email support

With books available on Amazon :

  • * 20 Exclusive Delicious Incredible Rolled Ice Cream Recipes
  • * The Rolled Ice Cream Handbook

Paid: Online course, live video call, in-person training and an on-site visit.

We want to get you closer to success in the shortest possible time. Let us help you build your own business within the Rolled Ice Cream industry.

#1 |Videos Tutorials

Our free video tutorials are a comprehensive step-by-step guide, offering you the chance to master the art of making Roll Ice Cream from the comfort of your own home. Get access to our library of tutorials and start learning today! With Video Tutorials, you'll be an expert in almost no time.

#2 |Roll Ice Recipes + Business Hacks

Our recipes are easy to follow, whether you're new or an experienced dessert chef, our recipes will help you achieve the perfect rolls each time. Our blogs have a wealth of information about the business and industry. With this combo you can create amazing Rolled Ice Cream masterpieces and learn about the business at your own pace!

View Recipes

#3 |Phone & Email Support

Struggling to understand how to use the Roll Ice Cream machine? Questions about the business and getting started? Our experienced team provide phone and email assistance to get you up and running quickly. With our comprehensive support, you'll be able to use the machine with confidence, and gain a better understanding how to set up your business.

+1 727 500 7655

#4 |24/7 Live Chat

Ready to take your business to the next level? 24/7 Live Chat is here to help! Our expert customer support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,365 days a year, to help you get started with your Roll Ice Cream machine and set up your business. Don't let the time of day stop you from asking us questions. When inspiration strikes reach out to us - get setup quickly and easily with 24/7 Live Chat!

#5 |Free Phone Consultations

Ready to start your Roll Ice Cream business? Get the expert advice you need with our free phone consultations. Our team of experienced professionals will get you up and running quickly, so you can serve delicious treat to your customers in no time. Enjoy the convenience of phone support and get started now.

+1 727 500 7655

#6 |Facebook Community

Join our Facebook community and meet your tribe. Persons who are on different levels in the journey that would gladly share their knowledge and educate. Come together and we will learn and grow together

Facebook Group

Paid Training Resources

Online course, live video call, in-person training and an on-site visit, We want to get you closer to success in the shortest possible time. Let us help you build your own business within the Rolled Ice Cream industry.

Ice Cream Profit Calculator. Do you want to know your profit margins/ROI in a quick and concise manner? Remember a Roll Ice Cream can be made in 3 - 5 minutes, and you can make more than one on a pan.

Profit Calculator

#1 | Online Session

This course would speak on the business side of things, what to expect and how to prepare yourself for the venture in terms of business model, staffing, planning, operation and more. It is considered to be the interactive version of the Rolled Ice Cream Handbook complete with videos. This is a self-paced course that you can access anytime, anywhere and take at your own pace. This class is still under development and would be ready sometme in the future. If there is something you would like to learn about drop us a line and subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated about this progress.

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#2 |Rolled Ice Cream Cremista Class

This exciting newly developed course aims to educate business owners and staff members about the ins and outs of rolled ice cream. This course covers the humble beginnings of ice cream to the scientific composition of the perfect base recipe. Learn how to make the perfect rolls from start to finish, as well as interact with guests, and all the essential health and safety protocols to follow in your store. Get to know how your machine works, troubleshooting tips and many recipe tricks from seasoned store owners. All the skills you need to become a professional cremista

Get Trained

#3 |In Person Training

We can train you. Are you ready to learn how to create the most delicious Ice Cream Rolls. Join us in Miami and experience hands-on training with our expert team. From learning the basics of ice cream rolling, innovating your own custom recipes and recipe creation. You'll be crafting delicious treats in no time! So, make sure to book your spot today and get rolling with Our in-person training!

Come To Miami

#4 |On Site Visit

Feeling overwhelmed with your Roll Ice Cream business and not sure where to start? We are here to help you with our experienced and specialized team, you can get personalized, in-depth training right at your store location. We can be with you physically giving you all the answers and guides you need for a successful business and how to use your machine like a professional.

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We wrote the following books to help you along this journey into the Roll Ice Cream industry.

#5 |The Rolled Ice Cream Handbook

The Rolled Ice Cream Handbook this is designed to guide you through all the aspects of starting and managing your very own Roll Ice Cream business. Get your copy of this business hack today.

#6 |20 Exclusive Delicious Recipes

20 Exclusive Delicious Recipes assists you in understanding what Roll Ice Cream is. It teaches you how to make your own base, use our premixed and a variety of recipes. Have fun creating.

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