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If you don’t know what Taiyaki ice cream is, then there is no need to feel bad about it. Not many people would know what it is by name, but they would definitely know it when they see it. Taiyaki ice cream is Japanese fish ice cream. No, there isn’t any actual fish in it. Instead, it is a fish shaped waffle cone filled with ice cream. Sounds good, right? Let’s find out more about this phenomenal dessert.

Traditional Taiyaki

Originally, Taiyaki ice cream was founded in Japan, where it is a fish shaped waffle filled with traditional sweets like ‘azuki’; Japanese sweet red bean paste, sweet potato, cream and chocolate. It’s pretty much a pancake with filling inside. The person responsible for inventing of the first Taiyaki isn’t clear, but it quickly became one of Japan’s most popular street food.

New York Style Taiyaki Ice Cream


The love for this treat, as is the fate of most foods, did not stay in its country of origin. A particular shop in New York City found the taiyaki and turned it into an even bigger trend. They took the same format of using the waffle batter to make a fish mold, but instead of making a pancake, they created a cone. These cones are softer than usual ice cream cones, and are made on site using a fish shaped mold similar to the traditional taiyaki molds used in Japan. The mouth of the fish is open, allowing to be filled with ice cream.

What really makes this style of ice cream special though, is the toppings. You can include sprinkles, graham crackers, M&Ms, chocolate chips and so much more! When completed, the taiyaki ice cream looks more like a work of art rather than something to eat.


Taiyaki & Stax: ICE CREAM in Chinatown & Little Italy, New York City – YouTube


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