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Roll Ice Cream Christmas Gift Ideas

Roll Ice Cream Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s only 60 days until Christmas.

As we know many shipping ports around the world are backed up due to the ongoing pandemic,  and many brick and mortar businesses this Christmas season may be faced with delayed shipments of goods and nearly empty shelves. shipping ports / cargo

But none the less Christmas shopping season has begun. People are looking to purchase gifts for their family members and loved ones at the end of September.

It has already been proven since last year that 27% of holiday shoppers plan to begin buying Christmas gifts before the end of September, according to a survey by CreditCards.com, and this Christmas shoppers will be looking to shop with intention. We expect to see shoppers opting for extra thoughtful gifts that create long-lasting memories – like handsewn quilts, e-books, handmade crafts etc.

As Christmas day draws near, and we learn to live through a pandemic, we here at Roll Ice Cream believe that it’s still a great time for sharing and giving. Although many of our clients are in the winter season and may possibly have their ice cream truck parked up, or their stalls closed until the weather warms up again; we want to share the possible ways Roll Ice Cream can still satisfy your needs this Christmas from the comfort of your own home.

It is reported that millennials are more than likely to do more than half of their holiday shopping online. 81% of US adults aged 26 to 30 were more likely to shop this way, as well as 82% of US adults aged 31 to 38. (eMarketer, 2020) Whereas 48% of holiday shoppers with an average spend of $1,652 are aged 55 years old or older. (Deloitte, 2020)

Here’s a list of gift ideas that can be purchased this Christmas season to avoid the crowds and long lines at the stores. Please keep in mind that there may be shipping delays that affect your country.

roll ice cream recipesOur Roll Ice Cream E-book – 20 Exclusive Delicious Incredible Rolled Ice Cream Recipes: That Can Be Made With Or Without A Machine. This book is a must have for family and friends that like to interact with each other in the kitchen. This book will teach you how to make 4 different bases, 20 different recipes, how to troubleshoot issues, the history of the Rolled Ice Cream, special tips and much much more.

Ice Cream Maker/Pan/Roll – Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato – Family Fun, Healthy Alternative DIY at home – It’s about family fun. Along with our E-book you can add this DIY Roll ICe Cream Pan to your cart. It’s easy to use and easy to clean up. Each person can have it exactly how they want. Try out all of the recipes from our E-book. So much fun can be had at Christmas time with your family.

StarPack Home Long Scoop Ice Cream Freezer Storage Container – for HomeMade Ice Cream – Perfect for storing, gifting and serving all the different flavours of homemade roll ice cream that you just made with your family.

Greenco Set of 12 Vibrant Colors Ice Cream Bowls and Spoons – After the family fun in the kitchen is done, take your homemade roll ice cream to the living room or by the fire pit, with these fun, colorful serving bowls and spoons.

We love the idea of creating memories over the Christmas season with family and loved one, so what better way to do that, than with your favorite summer snack. All the items we’ve listed are available to purchase online and are deliverable within a few days.  So remember to check with your local postal/ courier service to make sure that their aren’t any delays on their side and then you are set to roll. 


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