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Roll Ice Cream 25-Point Inspection

Roll Ice Cream 25-Point Inspection

Why would you buy your machine anywhere else?

Roll Ice Cream makes sure that shopping for a machine on our site is as exciting and reassuring as it is in person. That’s why we go to great lengths to carefully inspect, test, and individually photograph every machine we sell before shipping.

You can count on the fact that they have looked at every aspect of the machine, from the power cord to the wheels, the same way you would in a store. Each machine ships with its own individually signed certificate of inspection, giving it our personal seal of approval that the rolled ice cream machine meets or exceeds factory standards.

There are multiple types of machines available at our store such as Rolled Ice Cream Complete Store or RIC600 Single Pan Rolled Ice Cream Machine We have a collection of more machines available.


Cosmetic and Construction Inspection

Inspect the rolled ice cream machine body
Inspect the pan(s)
Verify construction materials
Confirm inner electrical components
Make upgrades if necessary
Verify customer requirements

Electronics Testing

Ensure the voltage/amperage is correct
Plug configuration
Test control board
Enter pre-sets controls
Check functionality

Functionality Check

Turn on the rolled ice cream machine
Test temperature for stability
Ensure it reaches the necessary temperature
Pour ice cream mixture on pan
Create roll ice cream
Test time frame
Turn off machine


Clean and Polish Equipment
Inspect/refresh packing material as needed
Professional repackaging
Stored in climate-controlled warehouse
Sturdy wooden box for shipping
Verify contents & accessories
Visually inspect exterior