Rolled Ice Cream Store Level 1

From: $5,327.00 $4,947.76


3 Packs Of Mix In

Ice Cream Mix In Cheesecake Pieces
Ice Cream Mix In Ferrero Rocher
Ice Cream Mix In Mango

1 Waffle Machine

Bubble Waffle

1 Case

30 lbs Roll Ice Cream Mix Base Italian Plain

2 Single pan machines OR 1 Double pan 10 compartment

RIC600 Rolled Ice Cream Machine Round OR Square Single Pan
RIC1200 Rolled Ice Cream Machine 10 Compartments

1 Automatic Spoon Dispenser with Spoons

1,320 Spoons For Dixie Dispenser
Spoon Dispenser Dixie

Even though these go by many names such as rolled ice cream machine, ice cream roll machine, ice cream rolls maker they are the same great piece of equipment and this is the best place to buy them. Contact us today!


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