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Rolled Ice Cream Store Complete

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Our complete store is just that …… complete. Reach out to us and we can edit any of the equipment listed


  1. Starting your Store and you are not sure what you need to get
  2. This is everything you would need for a new Rolled Ice Cream store and more.
  3. The items listed can be edited please contact sales for more information.


  1. Scrapers x 8
  2. Metal jug for mixed cream base 1L x 4
  3. Metal jug for mixed cream base 2L x 4
  4. Metal cup for serving size 500ml x 4
  5. Syrup/Squeeze bottles 32oz x 10
  6. Spoon dispenser
  7. Spoons (1,000pcs/case 6 inches) x 4
  8. Napkin dispenser Vertical or Horizontal x 2
  9. Napkins (case) 6000 pcs
  10. Cups 6oz 5,000pcs
  11. Cups 120z 5,000pcs
  12. Dome Lids 10,000pcs
  13. Cleaning cloths (6pc) x 2


  1. RIC-600 (Round Pan) x 4
  2. Cold food table fridge without storage cabinet 4ft -6ft OR Cold food table fridge with storage cabinet 59*30*33 inches


  1. Apron full length with bib x 4
  2. Hat x 4
  3. Hat 2 Paper (100)
  4. Industrial mop and bucket combo (mop & bucket) 3 sets x 1


  1. Premix (10) cases
  2. Mix in (5) packs
The equipment and supplies can be altered to suit your budget. Even though these go by many names such as rolled ice cream machine, ice cream roll machine, ice cream rolls maker they are the same great piece of equipment and this is the best place to buy them. Contact us today!
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