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Roll Ice Cream Mix Base Italian Bulk Vegan


Roll Ice Cream Mix Base Italian Bulk Vegan

Made in Italy, the land of exquisite ice cream! Italian ice cream, called gelato, is acknowledged by many experts to be the best ice cream in the world. So there should be no surprise when their ingredients are also of the highest quality.

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More and more people embrace the vegan lifestyle for ethical or health reasons and, if intercepted, this request can turn into a real business opportunity for the ice cream parlor.

We have devised the best answer to this consumption trend to provide the most advanced and demanding ice-cream parlors with a product to prepare an ice-cream without any source of animal origin, preserving the goodness of the artisan gelato.

Base Cream Vegan is the basis studied to guarantee a quality ice cream to be realized in a particular and fast way with all the safety VeganOK, the ethical certification of the vegan world.

Versatile: it can be combined with more than 20 certified products
Innovation: Without emulsifiers of palm origin

Superpowers: Without animal fats & Gluten free
Method:1 Vegan Cream Base bag + 2.5 L hot or cold water

Packaging: Carton with 8 bags of 1,350 kg

* Using the BASE CREAM VEGAN and the whole line of certified VeganOK products (see the list on the back) you have the right to register your ice cream shop on veganok.com, the official portal of the vegan world.



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