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Popsicle Lolly Bags 1,000

Popsicle Lolly Bags 1,000



Roll Ice Cream believes in providing quality. That is the reason we focus on developing essential products that stand up to the high volume and heavy use environments, while also providing the functionality and durability that cooks of all backgrounds utilize to be successful. Our quality also goes beyond our products thanks to our wonderful and resourceful team whose main purpose is to provide any assistance our customers might need, from answering questions about our items to quickly shipping replacements for orders damaged in transit.

These bags

  • Exceptionally well crafted heavy-duty bags from Roll Ice Cream 
  • Made in OPP
  • Back seal
  • Available in 3 sizes 8 x19 cm | 7 x18 cm |11x19 cm

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11 x 19 cm, 7 x 18 cm, 8 x 19 cm


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