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Bundle A – Concept to Shop Setup

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Concept and Planning + Setting Up Shop – Your Blueprint for a Successful Start 

Embark on your ice cream business journey with confidence! This bundle lays the foundation for your success, guiding you through the crucial stages of concept and planning, and seamlessly transitioning to setting up your shop.


Starting an ice cream business involves strategic planning and efficient setup. The Concept and Planning stage ensures you craft a solid business plan, while Setting Up Shop focuses on translating those plans into action by securing the right location and managing your equipment effectively.

What’s Included:

Business Love Letter (Business Plan):

A comprehensive business plan in PDF, Word, and Excel formats.
Vision statement, mission statement, target market analysis, unique selling points, marketing strategy, and financial projections.
Sweet Insights Diary (Market Research):

Guided Market Research Worksheet in PDF, Word, and Excel formats.
Dive into demographic analysis, competitor analysis, and consumer behavior insights.
Legal Love Knots (Legal Structure Docs):

Choosing Business Structure Workbook in PDF, Word, and Excel formats.
Listing of registrations and steps needed for permits, EIN, and policies.
Location Love Affair (Location Agreement):

Sample Location Lease Agreement and Location Agreement Checklist.
Listing of permissions and additional contracts with landlords or property managers.
Gear Romance (Equipment Records):

Equipment Management Log.
Efficiently manage your equipment records for a smooth setup.
Bundle A provides you with the essential tools and insights needed to shape your ice cream business concept, secure the right location, and efficiently set up shop for success.


Strategic Foundation:
Lay a robust foundation for your business with a detailed business plan, helping you define your goals, target market, and unique selling points.

Informed Decision-Making:
Dive deep into market research to make informed decisions. Understand your audience, analyze competitors, and grasp consumer behavior insights.

Legal Clarity:
Navigate the legal landscape effortlessly. The legal structure documents ensure you choose the right business structure and adhere to necessary regulations.

Location Confidence:
Secure your dream location with confidence. The Location Love Affair resources guide you through lease agreements, permissions, and contracts.

Equipment Efficiency:
Maximize efficiency in equipment management. The Gear Romance resources help you maintain an organized record of your equipment.


Jane’s Ice Cream Delight:
“Roll Ice Cream LLC’s Concept and Planning bundle was our guiding light. The business plan was detailed, helping us secure funding. The market research insights were invaluable, steering us toward our target audience effectively.”

Sam’s Sweet Treats:
“Legal Love Knots saved us hours of research. The step-by-step guide ensured we had all the necessary registrations in place, giving us peace of mind as we set up shop.”

The Creamery Corner:
“Location Love Affair was a game-changer for us. Negotiating lease agreements and handling permissions became a breeze. Roll Ice Cream LLC’s resources made our location selection process seamless.”

Equipment Excellence Co.:
“Gear Romance made equipment management efficient. The log helped us keep track of maintenance schedules and ensure a smooth setup.”

Feel free to join our tiny but growing tribe of Rolled Ice Cream Store Owners where everyone is welcome to come, learn, and share together. We are very very proud of what the space is becoming.

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