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Batch Freezer RCH 100 8L/Hr


Batch Freezer RCH 100 8L/Hr

$1,662.00 $1,600.00

This commercial machine was built using high quality design and materials we proudly introduce our 8L/H Batch Freezer. This machine will produce up to 8 (Litre/quart) of super premium homemade frozen desserts per hour and up to 2.5 Quart (per production run).

Our batch freezer has an extra large refrigeration cylinder that enables rapid freezing. Fitting comfortably on your countertop and providing a smaller carbon footprint in your kitchen while using the standard 110-volt plug. It is very easy to use and easier to clean.

* Controlled by microcomputer and has digital display.
* Alert tone when production is finished.
* Automatic counting function.
* Reduce power consumption, save costs.
* Powerful 3000/min rotation speed

Technical Specifications

Main Power :110v 60 HZ/220v 50 Hz
Rate Power :1400w
Refrigerant :R22 (380g)
Production: 8L/h 2.15 gal
Capacity: 4L/batch
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 21*20*25 inches
Packing Size: 25*26*33 inches
N.W. 143 lb
G.W.176 lb
Plug: European (Customization available)
Compressor: Panasonic (Customization available)


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