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Pizza Cone

Is a Pizza Cone Machine Worth It?


Some foods are almost impossible to eat without mess or having your face covered in sauce. If you want to sell your food in hand without getting greasy fingers or wearing extra cheese, then it might be time to purchase the infamous Pizza Cone Machine. Before you put out the cash, there are some things you should know about the machine and whether or not it’s worth buying. Hopefully, our review of the machine will help you decide whether or not this machine is worth your hard-earned money!

What is a pizza cone machine?

A pizza cone machine is a commercial culinary device that is made of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. This gadget takes the pizza dough you made and wraps it in a cone shape. It’s got numerous benefits over traditional slices—the biggest being convenience.

You can think of a pizza cone as a single large slice of pizza baked inside a soft tortilla or pizza crust, then rolled up and served as a cone or burrito. Think of it as an Italian version of Taco Bell’s Crunch wrap Supreme. The Pizza Cone Machine is similar to your typical pizza oven but has a section that quickly forms the cones with raw dough.

Pizza cone

How it works does the pizza cone machine work?

Using the pizza cone machine; the raw dough is placed into a hole and pressed into a cone shape. A mixture of grated cheese, pizza sauce, and your favorite toppings are mixed and stuffed into the cone. The nearly filled cone is then topped with additional cheese and then placed in the oven for a few minutes. The result is an edible snack that’s half-pizza, half-cone shaped.

Pro tip: wipe any pizza sauce off the outside of the cone to avoid burning.

Cone Pizza is designed to be eaten like an ice cream cone—with your hands. Cones are filled and sealed in less than 10 seconds and can sell for $3 or more each. Some companies make pizza cones in addition to a variety of novelty foods such as fries, waffles, and corn dogs. Pizza Cones seem to be gaining popularity with some New York City vendors already selling them at fairs and events.

pizza cone

Do they make good pizza?

The bigger question is, of course, do they make good pizza? While many first-time users report that their pizzas tasted pretty good—not to mention easy and convenient—others reported success in creating a custom pizza with toppings other than cheese or pepperoni. One reviewer even suggests ordering online so you can add additional ingredients to your pizza cone before it is cooked—which makes sense if you want to avoid waiting at all costs!

There’s no doubt that cone pizza looks amazing, but is it any good? The crust is usually thinner than in a regular pizza, and it can dry out easily, so you want to make sure your toppings are more substantial. That said, if you add enough toppings then there’s nothing wrong with eating a slice of cone pizza.

Do you want to add cone pizza to your menu?

If you’re looking to add cone pizza to your menu, it might make sense to buy a machine. For one thing, ready-made pizzas are convenient and consistent. They also have a low rate of waste and can save time during rush hours or big events when your restaurant is filled with customers. Some restaurants only serve cone pizza as an appetizer for special occasions; others put them on their menus alongside other items like pizza, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, others make the cones, freeze them and sell pizza shops and groceries. Keep in mind that people often visit restaurants for more than just food; they want an experience.

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