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ice cream

Let’s Celebrate With Ice Cream!

People love celebrations, and people love ice cream. What better of a combination than a celebration with ice cream?

All it takes is a little imagination and planning to design an event which everyone present will enjoy. Allow yourself to be creative, and the results should be memorable.

Planning a Celebration

In planning a celebration, one of the first factors is to take into consideration the preferences of your guests.

You can decide whether you wish to present a variety of ice cream, or one basic creation which will appeal to everybody. While the former is in general much simpler, the latter does not need to be difficult and can generate a very positive effect on your guests. The key is in having an idea about coordinating your treats to your guests’ tastes.


If your celebration consists of sophisticated guests, you may not think that ice cream would be a suitable dish. But as most people do love ice cream, it is the presentation which matters the most and will lead to the best response from your guests.

One absolutely delightful ice cream dish which will appeal to both the taste buds and sophistication of your guests is Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska is not nearly as difficult to make as one might think; and the time and effort put into this famous ice cream creation will be well worth the effort.

Hidden under the savory meringue can be any flavors of ice cream that you and your guests desire. This traditional ice cream dish will certainly be the focus of admiration at your next dinner party.

Casual Celebrations

For celebrations of a more casual nature, many people like ice cream pies. Ice cream pie is easy and quick to make, requiring very little preparation.

Most styles of ice cream pie can be made by simply placing the ice cream in a pie shell, topping it with your favorite prepared pudding mixture, and adding whipped cream.

Of course there are more detailed recipes, but this is by far the easiest and quickest to prepare.

For special events, most ice cream shops sell ice cream cakes which can be custom-decorated to your specifications. These cakes are always well-received at celebrations such as birthday parties. Dairy Queen, Carvel, and Baskin-Robbins are at the top of the list of ice cream shops which make these delightful cakes. Many grocery stores also sell smaller, ready-made ice cream cakes.

Children Celebrations

When celebrations include small children, for them to gain the most enjoyment from the occasion it should be taken into consideration that their preferences are quite varied.

Some children naturally prefer simplicity, and will get more enjoyment from ice cream products which fall into the category of quick and easy and portable.

These are the youngsters who would most like hand-held ice cream products such as ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, fruit bars and popsicles. Other children are drawn toward anything which is creative. These are the children who would most like ice cream treats that contain all sorts of extras that are colorful and tasty.

They tend to like their ice cream with anything from chocolate coating shells to jellybeans mixed in.

When planning a celebration around ice cream, don’t forget that many people enjoy being a part of the process.

While it is an individual preference, you will even find senior citizens who get as much enjoyment from making their own ice cream as little children do. In making the celebration a success it is a good idea to know in advance whether your guests will want to participate in ice cream making.

If you choose this activity for your next special event, be sure to have enough ingredients on hand, and allow time for preparation and clean-up!

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