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Ways to Delight Customers During the Wait for Rolled Ice Cream

Keep the Fun Rolling: Ways to Delight Customers During the Wait for Rolled Ice Cream

Ways to Delight Customers During the Wait for Rolled Ice Cream


As a rolled ice cream business owner, you know that creating each delicious order takes time and precision. With an average preparation time of 3-5 minutes per order, it’s essential to keep your customers engaged and satisfied while they wait. In this blog, we’ll explore a few creative and effective ways to make the waiting experience enjoyable for your customers, ensuring they have a memorable time from the moment they step up to the counter until their mouthwatering rolled ice cream is served.


Interactive Entertainment:

Transform the waiting area into an interactive zone filled with entertainment options. Consider setting up a tablet or touchscreen display where customers can play fun games, browse social media feeds, or explore interesting facts about rolled ice cream. Engaging and interactive entertainment will keep your customers entertained and distracted, making the wait feel shorter.


Live Performance or Demonstrations:

Infuse excitement into the waiting experience by having live performances or demonstrations near the counter. Hire a talented artist who can perform mesmerizing tricks or create captivating rolled ice cream displays. This not only creates a lively atmosphere but also showcases the artistry and craftsmanship behind each rolled ice cream creation.


Engaging Staff:

Train your staff to be more than just order takers. Encourage them to interact with customers in line, strike up friendly conversations, and share interesting facts about the rolled ice cream making process. A knowledgeable and engaging staff adds a personal touch, making customers feel valued and entertained during their wait.


Customization Station:

Set up a customization station near the counter where customers can choose their own mix-ins, toppings, and sauces. Provide a variety of options such as fresh fruits, candies, nuts, and drizzles, allowing customers to create their unique flavor combinations. The ability to personalize their rolled ice cream not only enhances the waiting experience but also adds an element of anticipation and excitement.


Sample Offerings:

Offer small samples of different flavors or mix-ins to customers waiting in line. This not only helps them explore new flavors but also keeps their taste buds engaged while they wait for their turn. Sampling creates a sense of anticipation and allows customers to make informed decisions about their rolled ice cream order.

This video can be helpful a bit to handle the customers:-


Informative Signage:

Place informative and entertaining signage along the counter and waiting area. Display interesting facts about the history of rolled ice cream, fun ice cream trivia, or behind-the-scenes insights into your unique production process. This not only educates your customers but also keeps them entertained and engaged during the wait.


Comfortable Seating and Refreshments:

Create a comfortable and inviting seating area for customers who prefer to sit while waiting. Provide comfortable chairs, benches, or even bean bags, along with small tables or counters to hold their belongings. Additionally, offer complimentary refreshments like water, infused water, or small snacks to keep customers refreshed and satisfied while they wait.



The wait time for rolled ice cream orders doesn’t have to be a dull or frustrating experience for your customers. By implementing interactive entertainment, live performances or demonstrations, engaging staff, customization stations, sample offerings, informative signage, and comfortable seating with refreshments, you can turn the waiting period into an enjoyable part of the overall rolled ice cream experience. Remember, happy and engaged customers are more likely to return and share their positive experiences, contributing to the growth and success of your rolled ice cream business.

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