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Inferior Equipment Exposed!

Let’s face it. No one intentionally buys inferior equipment. Well, no one sensible.

We all shop around trying to find the cheapest price or deal but sometimes this is the worst choice.

Buying cheap/inferior equipment to save cost is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made in this very competitive business. This will backfire quite quickly and the results would not be pretty. Purchasing quality equipment is important at every stage because they carry significant advantages.

The following video illustrates what is actually quite common place when purchasing machines from “certain” suppliers. This video was given to us by a customer who had been fooled.

Characteristics Of Quality Equipment

  • Longevity – The lifespan of your equipment increases significantly when it is of a higher standard. Determination of the standard/quality is typically depends on inner and outer components used. Everything used from the wheels to the compressor are brand new and OEM.
  • Warranty – Your warranty would be enforceable and cover a wide spectrum.
  • Cost Effective – The initial purchase may cost you a bit more but it would save you in the long run. Cheaper/Lower quality equipment are not constructed for commercial use. They will have more frequent breakdowns which result in downtime and costs to repair. Pretty soon you may even be forced to purchase a replacement.
  • Desired Results – The machine will be easy to use and your finished product would be exactly what you expected. Your efficiency/productivity would  hamper due to some unforeseen defect.
  • Service/Support – Access to a representative is seamless. They provide timely responses with useful information.

The away from this? Do not purchase inferior equipment. That is a given, but how to you know? Read on…

Characteristics Of Inferior Machines

Do not be fooled by other companies that have “similar” machines for sale. The inner components are the most important  part of any machine. These are the organs. The control boards are built with inferior parts. So internal components and transistors burn out. The design of the circuit boards are not long-lasting and are harder to replace when they go bad.

Price – The prices usually looks like a steal. Have you ever heard the saying that “anything that appears to be to good to be true, usually is” . This rings loud and clear in this instance

Details & Warranty – Both of these are usually vague and or difficult to find

Quality – While outwardly it may appear to be the same this can be easily forged. Everything from the outer body to the internal components such as the compressor, motors, fan and even the wiring can be inferior or in a lot of cases previously used.

Refurbished or Factory

A LOT of refurbished machines are not done to factory specification. Some sellers are honest and state that they are third-party refurbished, but many times you see third-party refurbished of unknown origin–being pedaled as “factory”  Factory should refurbish with OEM spares and by factory trained/certified staff, and resellers should be willing to answer any and all inquiries as to the service life of the items BEFORE the refurbishment as well as the process of refurbishment and what parts were replaced or repaired. Things change on the machine, creating the illusion of something new. In the following image the label has been changed. Nb same serial number.   Inferior Equipment Exposed By Roll Ice Cream    Inferior Equipment Exposed By Roll Ice Cream


Flooded with a variety of brands in the market and stores selling Rolled Ice Cream equipment of varying quality.

To determine the best place to buy your machines, and avoid inferior equipment, focus on stores that can offer the following

  • Quality
  • Service/Support
  • Details/Warranty

Other key items would be knowledge/speciality in the field, training provided and other forms of

If your budget is stretched thin look for alternatives such as financing. Let settling for subpar equipment be the last option.

Seeking out quality equipment could be the key determining factor between success and failure in this business.

Roll Ice cream specialises in ice cream equipment, ingredients and supplies. Feel free to contact us about any questions from the machine to the end product. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be here to guide your accordingly throughout every stage of your business development.

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