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Boba, goodies, and lots of fun is their motto. It’s not a regular ice cream shop, it’s a cool ice cream shop

If you are in Massachusetts and looking to get your Rolled Ice Cream or even your Shaved Ice fix then look no further.

Ice N Roll is right here.

Persons are so impressed this fantastic article was written about them in their local newspaper

Just like their website says……..

You’ve probably visited many ice cream shops before, but have you ever been to one that specializes in rolled ice cream? With several different flavors to choose from, you can break away from traditional scooped ice cream to experience something new.

Who wouldn’t like a space where…

You won’t just want to get your ice cream and leave when you visit us. You’ll want to stick around and experience quality time with family and friends at a popular local spot.

Their location is the former Metro PCS location in the plaza at 4263 North Main Street. Make it your business to check them out and indulge in their fantastic treats.



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