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Top 10 Ocasions Ice Cream is Bought

There are few things in this world that are as universally loved as ice cream. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, there’s nothing like the sweet taste of ice cream on a hot day. But what about when it’s not hot outside? That’s right – even in the middle of winter, people love to enjoy a bowl (or two) of their favorite ice cream flavor! In this blog post, we will discuss our top 10 occasions when people most commonly consume ice cream.

ice cream

1.Celebrating something special

Birthday parties are not complete without cake and ice-cream. Birthdays have historically been a time to celebrate with friends, family members or coworkers so it only makes sense that this tradition would carry on into adulthood for celebratory events across the board! From weddings all the way down through soccer teams winning their game; you can find someone celebrating in anticipation of dessert – which will most likely be chocolate chip cookie dough dipped waffle cone number two (or whatever your favorite flavor happens too).

ice cream

2. On a hot day

There’s nothing quite like a scoop of ice cream on a hot day. While there are many variations, such as roll ice cream or soft serve,  the genre of ice cream comes to mind in the heat. The cold, sweet treat is the perfect way to cool down and enjoy some time outdoors. Whether you’re enjoying a cone at the park or sharing a bowl with friends, ice cream is always a good idea.

3. A Break up

Ice Cream is the ultimate comfort food, and it can be even more comforting after a break up. No break up is complete without your favorite flavor. Whether you’re feeling sad, angry, or just plain old exhausted, ice cream always hits the spot. And there’s nothing better than a big bowl of ice cream to help you forget about your ex.

Ice cream date

4. A Date

An ice cream shop is an excellent place for a date. It’s not loud like a party or prohibits you from speaking without being rude like at a movie theater. Ice cream is excellent for great conversation and getting to know someone. Ice cream is a safe space for quality time, fun and laughter.

5. Dessert After Dinner

There is always that one member of a family who can eat a platter from a restaurant and still have room for dessert. While there are much more moderate eaters, even after consuming a hearty meal the desire for ice cream remains.

6. Binge Watching TV

We have all done it, taken a break from work, people and the world. You grab your favorite ice cream and indulge in your favorite TV program. Whether you were locked into Game of Thrones or Power ice cream was in our tummy or minds.

7. Cheat day

You are engaged and committed into your diet and workout routine, it is challenging, however, you allow yourself one day of the week where you can enjoy your favorite treat. Ice cream is that sweet treat worth breaking your diet for. There are so much healthier options to ice cream that it may not even be considered cheating.

8. That time of the month

Women are so resilient; their bodies endure so much on a monthly basis. Women experience PMS at different intensities. Some women experience no symptoms while others are curled up in pain. Ice cream is definitely a comfort food that cheers the roughest days of the month.

9. Impulses

There may not have an occasion to celebrate and you may not be heart broken, however, watching signage or someone walking down the street eating ice cream immediately sets the mood. There are planned events such as birthdays where ice cream is expected and factored into a budget. An impulse purchase of your favorite flavor may dip into your miscellaneous or entertainment funds.

10. Pregnancy cravings

If you have children you understand. For women the cravings appear from nowhere and the urge to have your desired food is strong. For men, they are usually the one making the trip to the ice cream shop or grocery both his babies. The dairy helps with acid reflux often encountered during pregnancy.


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