Ice Cream And Children

When eaten in moderation, ice cream is a very healthy food for children. Most youngsters, however, would not be impressed by hearing about the health benefits, calorie content, or ingredients of ice cream, so it is up to the adults to present this food in a manner which will interest them the most. This is not to say that many children need much encouragement to eat ice cream, for it is generally a favored treat without requiring any explanations! Ice Cream and children; a natural pairing.

Ice Cream And Children – They Know!

First, and above all, children will automatically be drawn to ice cream simply because it tastes good. As a treat which has withstood the test of time, being popular to children of every generation, today’s youngsters have many more varieties and forms of ice cream to enjoy than children did in generations of the past. With ice cream, a child can select his favorites from such forms as ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, sundaes, cones, and the ever-popular scoops. All of these forms fit nicely into a child’s active lifestyle, as they are easily portable. Children who might dislike taking the time to sit at the table to eat a snack appreciate being able to take a hand-held ice cream bar or ice cream sandwich along to wherever they are going.

Children also like the fact that there are so many flavors of ice cream to choose from. Although it is a rare child who does not have one particular favorite, the elements of variety and of choice have an important appeal to most youngsters. While he may love chocolate, and, likewise, choose chocolate ninety-nine percent of the time, having thirty other flavors from which he can choose if he so desires is a factor which children like. Having choices is something which all children appreciate; and ice cream certainly fits that category!

Anything which is presented as a learning experience, when presented in an interesting manner, is something which most children enjoy. Considering the fact that ice cream has been a popular part of American life for more than two hundred years, there is plenty of information that children will like to learn about. As each youngster has his own particular field of interest, you have the opportunity to present the subject in the range which most interests your child. For example, one child will be greatly interested in hearing that Dolly Madison served ice cream at the President’s inauguration dinner; another child would like to hear about what types of ice cream his favorite celebrities prefer; and other children will be more interested in learning the details of how, when, and where ice cream was originally invented.

Familiar And Unique – They Like Them Both!

Most children love that which is familiar, and also that which is unique. With ice cream, they can have the best of both. Ice cream can be a source of delight at their special occasions, and can also be presented in ways which make for good, lasting memories. While ice cream on or with cake has been a standard at birthday parties and other family gatherings for generations, there are ways to make it even more enjoyable for the children. In addition to birthday parties and other expected events, you can host a “getting out of school for the summer” celebration, or a party for a specific holiday, and make ice cream a focused part of the festivities by assisting the children in making their own.

Whether you use a hand-cranked ice cream maker, or make the ice cream in plastic bags, children will greatly enjoy this experience which is not time-consuming, complicated or messy as one might think. Youngsters will love the unique taste of homemade ice cream, as it is decidedly different from the boxed type found in grocery stores, and they will enjoy being an active part of its production.

Although ice cream is a healthy part of a child’s diet, most youngsters prefer to eat it simply because it tastes good and it can be given to them in ways which will even increase their enjoyment! Ice Cream For Breakfast Day pays tribute to kids of all ages who love their ice cream served in any way and on any day!

The multitude of flavours, and the many ways ice cream can be served, speaks to the opportunity to keep things fresh, alive, and varied as you come up with new ways to present this wonderful treat to the equally wonderful kids who love to eat it.



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