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5 Frozen Desserts Your Business Should Have

It’s nearly summertime, and that means one thing – frozen desserts! Whether you own a restaurant, convenience store, or food truck, frozen desserts should be on the menu. Here are seven of our favorite frozen desserts your business should have on its menu +this summer.

1.Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a deliciously satisfying treat that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike traditional ice cream, which is made with heavy cream, frozen yogurt is typically created using a soft serve ice cream machine. This allows the frozen yogurt to be made quickly and with less fat and sugar than other frozen desserts. And because it can be customized to suit any taste preference, from fruity and sweet to rich and decadent, there’s something for everyone! There’s no better way to beat the heat or satisfy your customers than frozen yogurt. 

Frozen Dessert

2.Ice Cream

Ice cream is a diverse frozen dessert and comes in different textures and flavors. There is traditional scooped ice cream, rolled ice cream and soft serve to name a few.

Batch freezers are the traditional way of making scooped ice cream. Batch freezers work by mixing all of the ingredients in a large container, then freezing the mixture while it is stirred. The stirring action helps to distribute the flavorings and air evenly throughout the mixture, resulting in a smooth and creamy finished product.

Frozen Dessert

Soft Serve is one of the easiest frozen deserts to make for any type of business. Anyone in a company came to make this treat with a soft-serve ice cream machine. All that is required is to mix water with the soft-serve ice cream powder and pouring into the machine. Within minutes you have delicious ice cream for your customers.

Roll ice cream is the upward trending frozen dessert that not only tastes amazing, but gained popularity for two reasons. First, it is prepared in front of customers and is personalized. Second, it is so beautiful that you can’t help but capture a photo of the ice cream and share it with your friends.

Roll Ice Cream


Milkshakes are a great frozen dessert for those who want something cold and creamy, with just a little bit of crunch. But did you know that milkshakes date back to the late 1800s? The term “milkshake” is derived from the use of ice cream, milk, and malt extract or syrup all mixed. Today’s milkshakes come in a variety of flavors, but classic chocolate and vanilla still reign supreme!

Whether you’re serving bugers for lunch or grocery items, there’s nothing quite as satisfying for a customer than an indulgent milkshake. 


Slushies have long been a popular frozen dessert among kids and adults alike. They are a fantastic frozen dessert that can be enjoyed on hot afternoons, or simply as a refreshing treat. For businesses looking to offer slushies as a dessert option, they make an ideal choice, thanks to their easy preparation and fun, bright packaging. 

Not only do slushies taste great, but they are also endlessly customizable, allowing you to play around with different flavors and ingredients. Whether you prefer fruity slushies or slushies packed with chocolatey goodness, slushie machines are a quick and easy way to bring your customers some delicious and cool refreshments. So if slushies sound like the perfect addition to your business, it’s time to invest in slushie machines today! After all, slushies deserve their status as one of the best-frozen desserts around.

Frozen Desserts

5. Popsicles

Popsicles is a  great frozen dessert to offer your customers. With a popsicle, you can easily and quickly cool down even on the hottest of days. They are also super tasty and come in a huge variety of flavors, so there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer fruit-based popsicles or creamy sticks of ice cream, popsicles have something to satisfy any craving. And best of all, popsicles are surprisingly affordable, so they are a great way to bring in extra revenue for your business. So if you’re looking for an easy way to serve up hot weather fun, look no further than popsicles! They’ll keep your customers cool and happy all summer long.

Roll Ice Cream LLC offers premium, commercial equipment, supplies and ingriendents for a wide range of frozen desserts. Whether you have an existing business and want to expand your menu or you are starting a new business, we have great options for you. Have queries? Contact our sales team for any questions you may have.


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