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Be Cool With Vanilla Ice Cream!

Thomas Jefferson

More than two centuries ago, Thomas Jefferson loved vanilla ice cream; in the present-day, it is the best-selling flavor of ice cream in the United States. Tried-and-true, there is simply nothing outdated, old-fashioned, or boring about “plain old vanilla”! Times change, of course, and changing times mean new fads and trends– some of which fade quickly, but others which hold out in their popularity. This fact is as true about ice cream as any other trend; and there have been many trends in what is made and what is preferred in ice cream ever since it first came to America.

Variety of Vanilla

Attempting to assess and cater to the wishes of the people, ice cream manufacturers have come up with nearly-endless varieties of ice cream products, ranging from basic products to those which are more than slightly odd. While there are numerous ice cream products sold in a variety of forms, such as bars, sticks, sundaes, and many others, the widest range of variety can be found in the basic in-a-box containers at your local grocery stores and in-a-scoop at ice cream shops and the latest new trend roll ice cream. With the assumption that every person is different, and that every person desires newness and change, there is seemingly no end to the varieties which you can now choose from. Perhaps it may be thought odd, though– or perhaps not– that those who patronize such wonderful establishments as Baskin-Robbins 31-Flavors still have a distinct preference for vanilla! One of the newest types of ice cream, although it has been around for awhile, are the “designer” styles. Mostly popular amongst the younger generation, attraction to specific brand-names is the main focus. Ben and Jerry’s is one of the most popular brands. Ben and Jerry’s best-selling ice cream, “Cherry Garcia,” is nearly a staple amongst the younger crowd. Some of Ben and Jerry’s other top-ten ice creams boast names such as Chunky Monkey, Coffee Health Bar Crunch, and New York Super Fudge Chunk. If you cannot find an ice cream that suits your personal tastes, Ben and Jerry’s welcomes you to suggest a new style for their consideration. While the phrase “Dove Bar” often brings to mind a basic, albeit delicious, ice cream bar where the only choices offered are whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate coating, Dove also offers chocolate fans a tempting variety of ice cream flavors. Although the calorie content in Dove ice cream is a bit higher than in most of the other popular brands, you may still wish to indulge in such tasty treats as Triple Chocolate (at 340 calories per serving), Unconditional Chocolate (300 calories per serving), Chocolate and Brownie Affair (310 calories per serving), or Vanilla With a Chocolate Soul (300 calories per serving). For those with an on-the-go active lifestyle, Dove also makes its original and flavor varieties in ice cream miniatures. If you crave a sense of “different,” there are many options which easily fall into this category. While you may be saddened to learn that Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bovinity Divinity, and Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie ice creams are no longer in existence, ice cream manufacturers continue to seek out the unusual tastes of their consumers and supply equally-unusual new flavors which will cater to such tastes. As “being cool” is frequently taken to mean being as outrageous as possible, you have the choice of such unusual treats as Mashed Potato and Bacon ice cream, Chili Con Carne ice cream, Tuna Fish ice cream, and Horseradish and Beer ice cream. Or, you can remain cool by conforming with the majority of the American population, and select the flavor which has remained at the top of the best-selling list for more than two hundred years: vanilla.


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