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Batch Freezers

Batch Freezers Make Perfect Frozen Desserts

There are many types of commercial freezers used to produce frozen desserts, but the batch freezer can be one of the most diverse. This type of freezer turns ice cream, gelato, custard, sherbet, and sorbet into smooth consistency by simultaneously freezing it and whipping it until you have an enjoyable treat waiting for your customers!

Batch Freezer

Types of Batch Freezers

The four different types of batch freezers are horizontal, all in one combination machine that does more than just gelato and ice creams. It can also produce frozen drinks; open vertical for those who need large amounts quickly like restaurants or commercial kitchens but don’t want the hassle associated with taking everything apart every time they make something new! Then there’s this multi-purpose unit – perfect if you’re a business owner because it allows production up to 65 liters per hour, which means your products will never run out before delivery arrives at least.

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Types of Cooling

There are two main ways batch freezers cool: air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled batch freezers use fans to circulate cold air around the freezing chamber, while water-cooled batch freezers use a system of circulating water to transfer heat away from the food. Both types of batch freezers are effective at quickly freezing large quantities of food, and are generally considered to be safe and reliable.

What to consider when chosing a freezer?

When choosing a batch freezer, it is important to consider the capacity and freezing time of the unit. Larger commercial businesses will need a batch freezer with a higher capacity to accommodate their needs. Faster freezing times are also important for businesses that need to rapidly freeze large quantities of food.

The freezing process is a delicate one, and it can be difficult to regulate the temperature perfectly. Some brands use probes with electronic thermostats that are directly placed into the product mix while others rely on an amp monitoring system which measures how much power was used at different points in time as well as rotating between hot gas or even water injections throughout their operation to keep things consistent from batch-to-batch. 

It’s important to note that your ice cream volume increases by 100 percent. If you put 5 liters of the base in, you will get 10 liters of ice cream.

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How to make ice cream using a batch freezer:

  1. Start by mixing your ice cream base if you are making it from scratch. Milk, cream, skimmed milk, and sugar. You will use a spoon or hand mixer until the sugar has dissolved. You can also purchase the commercial mix which is good then you flavor your ice cream. 
  2. Based on the batch freezer, you should be about to set your machine \. Pour the mix that you made or purchased and, pour it into the freezer. 
  3. Add a few drops of vanilla. Depending on your bach freezer, you can add ingredients in the same place you added the cream, while others you add when it comes out. 
  4. Turn on the freezer and let it run until the ice cream to the ideal consistency. You can set it to be frozen and ready to scoop or if you have a blast freezer and remove the ice cream in about 8 minutes. 
  5. Once the ice cream is frozen, scoop it into serving bowls and enjoy!

Roll Ice Cream offer premium batch freezers from 8 liters to 65 liters. Whether you are starting a frozen dessert shop, or producing large quantities of ice cream for wholesale to businesses, these machines are excellent investments. Have more questions about batch freezers? Contact our team to learn more and don’t ask about our finance options.

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