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About us

Be better, do better
This is what governs us

We aren’t just selling rolled ice cream machines!

We saw a gap in the industry for quality ice cream equipment, reliable after sales service and effective communication and we have been filling it ever since.

Here to assist you throughout your entire business development process.

At Roll Ice Cream LLC we aim to be an asset in your business development. By offering, you personalised assistance through our dedicated team who will assist you; from concept, to opening day; we bring complete solutions to our customers.  This is why we ensure each rolled ice cream machine is manufactured with the highest quality and then doubly verified with our 25-point checklist. We offer 24 hours chat and video support along with training, financing and advisory to ensure your business has the advantage.

These are a few customers that we met along the way that are spread across the globe and can testify to our culture.

We are constantly growing and expanding. Continuously upgrading the manner in which we guide our brand and our family. With a 5 star rating on Google, “A” on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and several articles on the company are all evidence that we are making our mark in this industry.

We aim to be the solution new and existing “sweet businesses”. In the near future, we will be providing training at locations near you. To teach those interested in starting their own or those who wish to ‘level up’ their current roll ice cream business.

If you have, any questions feel free to contact us  or schedule an appointment

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If you would like to know more about this product and its application feel free to ask a question. You can do that here, on our 24/7 chat or via email
Thank you again for choosing Roll Ice Cream LLC. Have a fantastic day.