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Who is Roll Ice Cream LLC

At Roll Ice Cream LLC we aim to be an asset in your business development. By offering, you personalised assistance through our dedicated team who will assist you; from concept, to opening day; we bring complete solutions to our customers. This is why we ensure each rolled ice cream machine is manufactured with the highest quality and then doubly verified with our 25-point checklist. We offer 24 hours chat and video support along with training, financing and advisory to ensure your business has the advantage.

These are a few customers that we met along the way that are spread across the globe and can testify to our culture. Visit our Sitemap

Here are a few of our Rolled Ice Cream satisfied customers


What our Clients Say about us!

Kimberly Olmos
Kimberly Olmos
Great experience! Amazing customer service.Krystle was very helpful and patience with me.
Pedro Jimenez
Pedro Jimenez
Customer service is impeccable I have never received a response any faster from any other company. My product arrived in a very timely manner. Definitely going to keep doing business with them.
Shawn Marc
Shawn Marc
I purchased a rolled ice cream machine last winter. As this will be my first season I had a ton of questions. The girls over at roll ice cream llc were there every step of the way and thoroughly answered all of my questions promptly. The open line of communication is amazing! They even also gave me alot of helpful tips! The machine works perfect and is great quality. I can't say enough good things about this company and would recommend anyone to them.
Dolly Dave
Dolly Dave
Krystle is the best ! She always goes above and beyond to ensure everything is right from the time I place the order to the time it’s delivered ! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Will always be buying from you .
Richard M
Richard M
Excellent experience with Rolled Ice Cream, very knowledgeable and helpful through the purchasing process, shipping and even after care. Even when it came to a very small repair (2 years after purchase) I received the part for repair only a few days later and had the machine up and running like brand new. Not sure if there is another company that could compare in quality and customer service to them, I will only buy from Rolled Ice Cream!
Stephanie Arellano
Stephanie Arellano
What outstanding people at Rolled Ice Cream LLC. They know how to take care of their customers.
kyle ruta
kyle ruta
This company is AMAZING!! The customer service you will get is beyond what you expect these days. I bought two rolled ice cream machines along with other supplies for my shop. Both machines are great. The one issue I had, the thermostat stopped working, they immediately helped me solve. AND best of all they ship there machines with a replacement ready to install inside of it just in case (the most likely area the machine would have problems if any). I have been using these machines for over a year now and absolutely love them. Rolled ice cream was a great addition to my boba shop when we started it and everyone loves it. You won’t go wrong ordering from them!
Jeanette Waite
Jeanette Waite
Very Helpful, did everything to help with any issues that I had!! Thank You
sabiratou yessoufou
sabiratou yessoufou
Perfect machines and excellent customer service 👍👍👍
SugarBaby Creamery
SugarBaby Creamery
I normally don't do reviews but I want every upcoming Rolled Ice Cream shop owner/customer to beware buying ANYTHING this company. There's a reason their reviews are so old as well. This company is not only unprofessional, but truly don't care about their customers. Not only have my machines still not arrived after nearly 4 months, but they don't even notify you or update you with shipping updates at all, UNLESS YOU CALL and barely still want to communicate with you. The managers Nicole and Krystle rarely answer the phone, when you call they're always "so busy" and make promises they never keep just to avoid confrontation and frustration from customers. Overall UNPROFESSIONAL and just a horrible UNRELIABLE company overall. I email this company nearly every other day and still have yet to get a tracking number or update. I spent nearly 6k on machines and I can't express how HORRIBLE this experience has been for my new shop. My opening date is now a month and a half behind due to their lack of transparency (their website says 2 months when it will indeed take nearly 6 months by the way they don't even call you to update you with anything) THEY TRULY DO NOT CARE. MY MACHINES ARENT EVEN HERE and all they keep saying is its on its way, with no tracking. Not to mention the manager Nicole John completely forgot my name after emailing her consistently, which again shows... This company has no compassion for their customers. This is supposed to be an exciting time for me as a business owner who works very hard and worked so hard to open my new shop this summer, just for my machines to never arrive and now I have to open in the fall..... Just horrible. STAY AWAY.

Our Work

Here to assist you throughout your entire business development process.

Our Goal

We are constantly growing and expanding. Continuously upgrading the manner in which we guide our brand and our family. With a 5 star rating on Google, “A” on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and several articles on the company are all evidence that we are making our mark in this industry.

We aim to be the solution new and existing “sweet businesses”. In the near future, we will be providing training at locations near you. To teach those interested in starting their own or those who wish to ‘level up’ their current roll ice cream business.

If you have, any questions feel free to contact us  or schedule an appointment

We aren’t just selling rolled ice cream machines!

We saw a gap in the industry for quality ice cream equipment, reliable after sales service and effective communication and we have been filling it ever since.

#1 | Online Session

This course would speak on the business side of things, what to expect and how to prepare yourself for the venture in terms of business model, staffing, planning, operation and more. It is considered to be the interactive version of the Rolled Ice Cream Handbook complete with videos. This is a self-paced course that you can access anytime, anywhere and take at your own pace. This class is still under development and would be ready sometme in the future. If there is something you would like to learn about drop us a line and subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated about this progress.

#2 | Rolled Ice Cream Cremista Class

This exciting newly developed course aims to educate business owners and staff members about the ins and outs of rolled ice cream. This course covers the humble beginnings of ice cream to the scientific composition of the perfect base recipe. Learn how to make the perfect rolls from start to finish, as well as interact with guests, and all the essential health and safety protocols to follow in your store. Get to know how your machine works, troubleshooting tips and many recipe tricks from seasoned store owners. All the skills you need to become a professional cremista

Roll Ice Cream LLC mentorship offers personalized guidance and support from experienced industry professionals, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully start and grow their own rolled ice cream businesses.

Why stay stuck on an issue longer than necessary when someone is right here to help you? Each session will be tailored to your specific needs and struggles, ensuring that you come away with the knowledge and confidence to create perfect rolls every time.

We can train you. Are you ready to learn how to create the most delicious Ice Cream Rolls. Join us in Miami and experience hands-on training with our expert team. From learning the basics of ice cream rolling, innovating your own custom recipes and recipe creation. You'll be crafting delicious treats in no time! So, make sure to book your spot today and get rolling with Our in-person training!

#5 | On Site Visit

Feeling overwhelmed with your Roll Ice Cream business and not sure where to start? We are here to help you with our experienced and specialized team, you can get personalized, in-depth training right at your store location. We can be with you physically giving you all the answers and guides you need for a successful business and how to use your machine like a professional.

Roll Ice Cream

Obtaining and keeping satisfied customers is about several things. Our model places commitment to superior quality service to the top of the list. We provide delivery of the best rolled ice cream machines, supplies, and ingredients in the marketplace. Coupled that with, our assistance in ice cream business development and financing, makes our offering a bit more special. Following up with qualified technical support doesn’t hurt either!

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