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6 Things You Should Know About The Rolled Ice Cream Business

Why is rolled ice cream so popular?

Roll Ice Cream is popular due to the live show that happens right in front of your eyes. The trust you have of knowing that fresh ingredients are going into your Ice Cream.  Being said to have originated in Thailand, Rolled Ice Cream has become an intercontinental sensation. In 2012 the desert had spread across many countries becoming even more popular as social media users posted and shared amazing videos of rolled or ‘stir fry’ ice cream while walking the streets of many tourist cities.

How is rolled ice cream made?

The simplicity in its creation is amazing. It is made by pouring the base on the pan cooled that is usually between -18-20°. The base is made a variety of ways. The homemede version uses milk, cream and sugars as well as other added ingredients to increase the flavour. Our preffered method is using a powder and adding water. So once you have your base, the liquid mixture is poured on the pan, mixed, chopped and manipulated with the additional inclusions of choice until the liquid churns to a more solid state. This process takes about two mins with a basic recipie. The result of this in a thin layer of delicious ice cream, ready to be scrapped and rolled into a cylindrical shape and served with the toppings of your choice.

Is rolled ice cream healthier?

Roll Ice Cream contains less sugar than traditional ice cream; which can immediately mean less calories per serving. Rolled Ice Cream has no air is added into the mix (ie whipping), which makes it denser than that tradition ice cream severed in scoops. I would suggest trying one yourself. Then eat a scoop of any traditional ice cream you have available and tell me you don’t taste and feel the difference.

What equipment is used for roll ice cream?

The most basic pieces of equipment would be the actual machine itself, two scrapers and an artist with excellent coordination. In addition to the core items you would also need an immersion mixer to combine your base. Pre-made bases can be purchased or you can make them yourself, adding your secret ingredient that makes your customers always return.  A freezer to store frozen goods; which should be a necessity to any Roll Ice Cream business.  The size you invest in would solely depend on your budget and the needs of your startup.  You’ll also need to consider a refridgerator whether big or small to store your fresh fruits and premixed bases.  Ideally a napkin and spoon dispenser that are handsfree should be part of your set up. Finally a POS (Point Of Sale) system should be included for you to easily and efficiently track your sales, inventory and even payrolls, remember you are a business and every employee including yourself must be paid.

How does it work?

The machine usually uses a single simple refrigeration loop. The system comprises of three components; the compressor, the condensor and the metering device. Here’s how it works. The compressor sends out a high-pressure high-temperature vapor from the working fluid called a refrigerant . The heated refrigerant vapor passes through the condenser which removes the heat from the vapor and transforms it to a hot working fluid. The refrigerant then goes through a tube which reduces the pressure and temperature of the working fluid. This low temp refrigerant then flows into the cold pan’s cooling coils, where heat is absorbed by through the tubes. This is what cools the roll ice cream top plate . As the refrigerant warms, it changes back to a low-temperature low-pressure vapor, starting the entire cycle over again.

The real star of the show is the artist preparing the ice cream. They are the ones that put in the work, making roll ice cream as popular as it is today. Many of these artists take pride in presenting the customer with the most visually pleasing treat as well as the most engaging experience of purchasing a cup of ice cream.

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Is the rolled ice cream business profitable?

Well if the base and all the inclusions could cost approx. $2 and the average price of the ice cream is $7 which means the margin is 250%. That is a hugeeee margin. Nb this is just the product cost and not the overall business operational costs but still it is fantastic.
Just like any other industry; a great business plan, niche location and a solid management team are the keys to being successful.

With summer on our heels, and the acceptance of the ‘new norm’, having your own roll ice cream station can only bring joy to your community and profits to your pockets. Why wait to read another success story before you start your own roll ice cream business? Become the next success story and start today. Contact us today to get started on owning your very own roll ice machine.

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