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6 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Summers are synonymous with ice cream; no matter how old you are or where you live, when it gets scorching hot, digging a spoon into that soft velvety texture is perhaps the most satisfying feeling. Well, some of us do not mind a scoop or two even in winters! Here are the 6 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors.

What makes it even more interesting and of course mouthwatering is the fact that, like everything else, ice cream too has evolved from simple colors and flavors. Gone are the days, when Matcha was considered a unique flavor and ice cream was just sweet.

If truth be told, there have been times when, after reading the flavors on the menu card, I simply had to take a few moments to think if these flavor combinations were even possible. And you could only imagine the shock when the server asked if I would like my ice cream to be sweet or savory?

Well, get ready to be amazed because I am about to list down some of the most bizarre ice cream flavors and combinations I have ever had.

Lobster Ice cream

Your Everything Supplier Lobster

Yes, you read that right! This flavor will certainly make into anyone’s top 5 most bizarre flavors. It looks like a normal ice cream and even has vanilla flavor in it but this is where it stops being normal; buttered lobster is folded into your conventional vanilla ice cream. The flavor has been made famous by Ben & Bill’s.


Thanksgiving Dinner

your everything supplier thankgiving ice cream

Thanksgiving Dinner is the name of the ice cream. Wait till you hear the flavor profile; vanilla ice cream is packed with egg yolk and tomatoes, green beans and potatoes. If you thought this was the craziest ever combination then the topping will leave you shocked; the ice cream is topped with granulated sugar and…drum rolls…hot sauce.
You can find this bizarre yet delicious flavor in Delaware at The Ice Cream Store, Rehoboth Beach. 

Tomato Ice Cream

your everything supplier tomato ice cream

Knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not using it in fruit salad and ice cream but this flavor is quite popular at Creole Creamery in New Orleans. The ice cream looks red and it tastes like tomatoes and it is something that you must taste at least once.

Cheetos Ice Cream

your everything supplier cheetos ice cream

Who thought our favorite snack could be made into a dessert. The traditional vanilla flavor is combined with the not-so-traditional cheese flavor and the ice cream is then covered in Cheetos dust, which means you will taste actual Cheetos. You can get a bite of this at Big Gay Ice Cream in New York.


Honey and Jalapeno Pickle

your everything supplier

This is not a burger, it is an ice cream, which is made from Colorado honey, jalapeno bits and pickles. You can enjoy this bizarre flavor in Denver at Sweet Action Ice Cream.

The Squid Ink Ice Cream

your everything supplier squid ink

Do not try this flavor if you are a vegetarian; this Japanese inspired ice cream is dipped in squid ink. The color of the ice cream is black; you may be skeptical about the flavor but you will be surprised at how delicious it tastes.

These flavors may sound completely ridiculous but the fact is many of them can be made at home; your kitchen just needs to have the right equipment. You too can be creative an make your very own bizarre flavour by getting a batch frrezer like the ICH-180 from www.rollicecream.com. The machine is my new best friend; it makes the entire ice cream making process is so easy that I have become quite an ice cream scientist. So far I have experimented with tomato, goat’s cheese and wasabi. I may be experimenting with lobster and octopus soon.

Who thought eating an ice cream could be an adventure!


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