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6 Famous Pastries Around the World

It is said that the best way to experience a countries culture is through their food. Let’s take it a step further and be more specific. ‘The best way to experience a countries culture is through their desserts!’. To be extra specific, I’m talking about pastries.

Pastries didn’t originate in France, as many people would believe. (Not me, of course…cough). They actually exist in many lands, in many forms and flavors. Here is a list of eight top pastries from around the world.

6 Famous Pastries Around the World

1. Sonho (Brazil)


The name for this pastry means “dream” in Portuguese, and for good reason. It’s a donut that is filled with custard and covered in powdered sugar. If that doesn’t sound like a dream, then I don’t know what is. They are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

2. Mochi (Japan)

Mochi is a type of traditional Japanese cake made from short grain rice that has been pounded and molded into pretty much any shape you’d like. Additional flavors can be mixed in or filled in the center, like azuki red bean paste or ice cream.

3. Mandelhörnchen (Germany)

I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t butcher the name while pronouncing it. The much easier English name for this dessert literally means “almond horn”, and is made in the shape of a horn. The ingredients are simple; marzipan, almonds and chocolate.

4. Cannoli (Italy)

With a name meaning “little tube” in Italian, that is exactly what they look like. These are crunchy pastry tubes filled with sweet ricotta and sprinkled with crushed pistachios. Delicious!

5. Jalebi (India)

This is an Indian snack that is made by deep frying maida flour batter. The pastry is made in circular shapes and then soaked in syrup. These are an easy to make at home that can serve as a either a hot or cold snack.

6. Churros (Spain)

This one is known by almost everyone. Churros are a very popular Spain pastry made with three simple ingredients; flour, water and salt. Although, that is just the base pastry. They can further be coated in cinnamon, sugar, chocolate and pretty much whatever you like.

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