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5 Perfect Alternatives to Dairy Milk

In the world today Vegetarianism and Veganism on the rise. People are constantly looking for an alternative to using animal products. This has brought about a variety of alternatives that prove to be just as delicious and nutritious as regular cows’ milk. Here is a list of plant based milks that are close or even better than the original dairy.

Top 5 Alternatives to Dairy Milk


1. Soy Milk.


Soy milk is a very popular drink made from soy beans. It can be somewhat bland on its own so it is often mixed with thickeners and other flavors like vanilla and chocolate to improve the taste and consistency. In terms of nutritional value, soy milk come in as a close contender. It has pretty much just as much
protein, but half as much calories, fats and carbs. This is ideal for anyone conscious of their weight. Soy can be used for more than just making milk. The milk from the beans can be used to make decent substitutes for cheese and ice cream. It is considered the best alternative to dairy milk.

2. Almond Milk


For those of you who are overly concerned about the controversial issues about consuming soy based products (a discussion for another day), there are other options. Even though many people do enjoy soy milk, almond milk is not far behind in popularity. It has a texture that is lighter than regular milk, and has a slight sweet and nutty flavor that is somewhat close to peanut punch. It has a lot less protein than cows’ milk or soy and
less calories and fat. I like to use almond milk as a creamer for my coffee.

3. Coconut Milk

All About Non-dairy Coconut Milk from Vietnam Manufacturer | Wana Beverage

This is one that not many people are willing to get into. Of all the non-dairy milks, this one has the lowest protein and carbohydrate content. Coconut milk is especially creamy and works as a great substitute for milk in making rolled ice cream.

4. Oat Milk

How to make oat milk recipe | BBC Good Food

In the  opinion of many, oat milk is the best. It has a slightly sweeter taste than almond milk, and although it has a lower protein content, it definitely makes up for it in fiber. Oat milk is high in fiber and beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber that becomes like a gel in the gut. The beta-glucan binds with cholesterol, effectively removing it from the body. What’s more, oat milk is super easy to make. The ingredients are just oats, soaked and blended with water. You can add additional flavors if you’d like.

5. Rice Milk

How To Make Brown Rice Milk - Oatmeal with a Fork

Rice milk is the last on our list here. It is made from milled white or brown rice and water. The consistency of rice milk is watery, so it is often mixed with thickeners and other flavor enhancers. Rice milk is also super high in carbohydrates, which raises blood sugar levels, so it might not be the very best substitute.

There are other types of non-dairy milks out there that are hitting the super market shelves. These are just the ones that I’ve tried personally. Again, I believe the Oat milk is the best, especially the chocolate flavor.
In any case, all of these provide a perfect substitute for dairy milk and can be used to create other products like ice cream, cheese and yogurt. If you’ve tried any of these before, it’d be really cool if you could let us know how it turned out.


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