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Branding Your Business 4 Popular Logo Options

Branding Your Business – 4 Popular Logo Options

Branding is a way of creating an identity for your business. It is how your clients will recognize your business. A strong brand is more than colors and signs — it’s the definition of everything from your client service style and staff appearances, to your marketing materials and advertising. Your brand reflects your personality, business philosophy and your company’s culture.
You can take this idea to the next level with the use of unique logos. While not everyone will agree that your logo should always be as visual as possible, and be able to communicate your brand at first glance, you should keep the logo simple and concise with a simple font. But don’t get too simple, you want something that’s memorable, dynamic and effective. Just as being too simple can make a weak logo, being too complicated can also rate your logo as weak. Finding a balance is the key to curating your logo. Your logo should be eye-catching so that your consumers can identify it instantly. What is more, they should feel that they can relate to it and feel it belongs to them as well.

The different kinds of logos can be placed into four categories:

  1. Emblem logo
  2. Brand Mark logo
  3. Combination logo
  4. Monogram logo

Emblem logo

Emblems are the most common type of logo. They are typically used as the company logo and represent a character, event, or image that the business hopes will be recognized by its customers. Emblem logos usually combine images with text. An emblem is more of an abstract representation, which can often be seen on sports teams, or individuals like Kings or Queens. More times emblems are worn as badges or are sewn onto clothing to show affiliation. If you wish to convey your brand’s image around honoring traditions, choosing an emblem logo may be for you. This type of logo touches the consumers’ love of nostalgia, while conveying confidence, heritage, and prestige in your brand.

Brand Mark Logo

A brand mark logo is an image or symbol with no text. The mark can be an image, representing something real for eg Apple’s apple logo or an abstract shape like Nike’s swoosh. Neon Nike Show sign
When people see those brand marks they already know the special characteristics of those companies.
Your brand mark is the emotional visual connect that sends a cue to your audience. This type of logo usually doesn’t include the company’s name, which makes it very difficult for new brands to use, to stand out. Brandmark logos are best for rebranding after your have already made your name in the industry.

Combination logos

The combination of text and symbol is what makes up a combination logo. It’s the most common type of logo design, possibly because of its flexibility. The symbol should clearly identify your brand, and it can be literal or abstract. With a combination logo, a symbol can appear beside, on top, below or inside the text. The text and symbol can be used together or seperate, meaning that depending on where your logo is placed both text and symbol can be used or not. For example on uniforms you can use both, but on your stationary, you can use just the text and your clients can still recognize that it is the same brand.

Monogram logo

“A monogram or wenzel is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos”

If your company’s name is quite long you may want to explore the use of a Monogram logo. They usually consist of one to four letters (Company initials) overlaid to create one formation or symbol.

Again if you’re a new brand you may want to include this monogram logo style with the combination logo to add your full company title within the design. This way you can build awareness and eventually having the monogram in a combination won’t be necessary. The key to this monogram logo is to have an eye-catching logo that’s legible and identifies your brand clearly. The best example we know would be Chanel. The interlocking of the Cs has become the iconic symbol of everything fashion since the 1980’s.Chanel ribbon

Eye-Catching Logo

Some companies choose an eye-catching logo because it represents their brand and values. The logo you choose should be eye-catching so that your consumers can identify it instantly. What is more, they should feel that they can relate to it and feel it belongs to them as well.

Only after you understand what your brand’s core values are, who your clientele is, and what experience you’ll like your consumers to remember you by; then can you decide which logo would work for your brand. Remember your logo is possibly the first thing a person will visually remember you by, so make it memorable.

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